GBN’s Daily Drop: Good Black News Was Founded 12 Years Ago Today (LISTEN)

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by Lori Lakin Hutcherson (@lakinhutcherson)

Today’s GBN Daily Drop podcast is all about… GBN! Good Black News was founded 12 years ago today, and I celebrate it and our volunteer contributors proudly in the Friday, March 18 entry from the “A Year of Good Black News” Page-A-Day®️ Calendar for 2022:

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Hey, this Lori Lakin Hutcherson, founder and editor in chief of, here to share with you a daily drop of Good Black News for Friday, March 18th, 2022, based on the “A Year of Good Black News Page-A-Day Calendar” published by Workman Publishing.

On March 18, 2010, Good Black News was founded as a Facebook page. Within two years, it grew into –– a website dedicated to curating and creating posts focused on the good things Black people do, give, and receive all over the world. Reader support for the site across all forms of social media has led to the lovely calendar you are experiencing now, so thank you (or whoever gifted you) – and please continue to spread the word!

Okay, so what I just read was the calendar entry for this day, but I really have so much to add to it. Every year I write a post celebrating the date Good Black News was founded, reflecting on where Good Black News came from – and I’ll post a link to our origin story and how Good Black News was born from an off-hand conversation I had with Waiting to Exhale and How Stella Got Her Groove Back best-selling author and screenwriter Terry McMillan —  and what we’ve most recently accomplished.

I’d say for this past year, seeing the “A Year of Good Black News” Page-A-Day Calendar for 2022 get published by Workman Publishing, and me starting this podcast based on it, are the biggest ways we’ve grown over the past 12 months. And I hope to grow even more and expand this podcast beyond the calendar when I have more time and opportunity to do so.

Good Black News also managed to get a little press in 2021 when we were featured in an abcnews10 piece on positive news. Also, last month I officially resumed the Q&A column I started in 2020 entitled “Dear Lori” where I respond to questions about white privilege and race that I’ve been asked by readers over the years.

But what truly keeps me, my co-editor Lesa Lakin and all of GBN’s wonderful volunteer contributors going is the outpouring of appreciation you’ve shown us over the years via follows, likes, comments, shares, reblogs, DMs and e-mails (even when we are overwhelmed and can’t respond to them all) and now, listens.

Your support means the world, and inspires me to keep working to find ways to expand, improve, and offer more content on the main page as well as on  Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTubeRSS feedLinkedIn and Flipboard, and yeah, our sometime-y one, day hopefully regular, GBN newsletter that you can get via email.

I also want to shout out and gratefully acknowledge 2021’s volunteer contributors in alphabetical order: Julie Bibb, Contessa Burton and Stokely, Susan Cartsonis, Beck Carpenter, Jessie Davis, Dan Evans and the entire Blerd crew, Julie Fishman, Michael Giltz, Eric Greene, Thaddeus Grimes-Gruczka, Peter Harmon, Gail Heltzer, Murray Heltzer, Ashanti Hutcherson, Warren Hutcherson, Fred Johnson, Epiphany Jordan, Brenda Lakin, Joyce LakinRay Lancon, Lois Leveen, John Levinson, Dena Loverde, Hanelle Culpepper Meier, Catherine Metcalf, Lara Olsen, Flynn Richardson, Maeve Richardson, Rosanna Rossetto, Becky Schonbrun, Dean Shapiro, Teddy Tenenbaum, Kennedy Webb and Michelle Webb

Extra special thanks to Gina Fattore for helping edit and proofread the Good Black News Page-A-Day Calendar for 2022, to Dena Crowder for creating and sharing her Power Shot video series on GBN, to Tech Jedi Samer Shenouda for helping the GBN website get bigger, stronger, faster and functional, and to Jeff Meier and Marlon West for continuing to create incredible playlists and posts covering a variety of genres, sub-genres and artists that celebrate the musical diaspora, past and present, and for making GBN’s Music Monday a total thing. You are all deeply, greatly appreciated.

If you’re still listening to this, thank you so much, and please continue to help us spread the word about GBN by sharing, liking, re-tweeting and commenting. Also consider please following GBN on our main page,, or wherever you are on social media @goodblacknews.

Please also consider joining our e-mail list via our “Contact Us” tab. A link to that is provided in today’s show notes and in the transcript of this episode posted on… you guessed it… Thank you again for your support, and we look forward to providing you with more Good Black News in the coming year, and beyond.

This has been a daily drop of Good Black News, based on the “A Year of Good Black News Page-A-Day Calendar for 2022,” published by Workman Publishing, Beats provided by and produced by White Hot.

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Written by: Gandal Radio Editors

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